Sunday, October 22, 2006

pumping at work: bring a cloth diaper

BUY A PACK OF CLOTH DIAPERS EVEN IF YOU ARE USING DISPOSABLE DIAPERS! the cloth diapers are GREAT for wiping up breastmilk spills, wiping snotty noses, and wiping all sorts of other things. They are large and absorbent and soft. i bought one pack of cloth diapers at babies r us about 5 years ago and have used them repeatedly through 2 kids. i still keep them on hand and bring them out whenever one kid has a cold because they are great for mopping up all that nasty, stringy snot that seems to run like a river when they are sick!

anyway...what does this have to do with pumping, you ask? when you pump at work, you will want to make sure you don't dribble breastmilk all over your work clothes, papers, desk, etc. all you have to do is keep a cloth diaper with your pump, and when it's time, just tuck the cloth diaper under your boobs (or in your lap if your boobs won't hold it there by themselves). then, it will be there to catch any spills before they drip onto your pants/skirt. when you're done, just throw it back in with your stuff.

BONUS: after a few spills, your "boobie rag" (as I call it) will start to smell like sweet milk. this smell will remind you of your baby, and it will help your let-down reflex go into effect.


Anonymous said...

Good article. We also use disposable nappies for our 5mo but have plenty of cloth ones for all those spills & dribble, they also work great for cleaning other things "wink wink" :)

Preet said...

Cloth diapers also make GREAT burp cloths, because they cover your ENTIRE shoulder! So when your little one vomits down your back after a feeding, you are well covered.

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